Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are standard to and apply to all RENTAMANOR.COM / RENTAMANOR holiday letting agency bookings and properties. The making of a booking or payment constitutes agreement by all in the party to be bound by these terms and conditions both jointly and severally. ‘Property owner’ applies to all property owners. ‘Client’ and ‘clients’ applies to each and all those persons, both jointly and severally, having booked/ been booked by another/occupying/occupied/due to occupy as part of a booked group, a property with RENTAMANOR.COM / RENTAMANOR holiday letting agency. Terms and Conditions are of necessity legalistic in tone and content in order to protect both the client and ourselves from any possible future misunderstanding or dispute and in order to satisfy the conditions of insurance cover etc. It will be these official Terms and Conditions that the client will need to present to the clients travel insurance company in order to validate any claim should the client need to make one. However, please be assured that whatever the valid legal circumstance, RENTAMANOR will always wish to be as helpful and accommodating as possible should the client run into difficulties with the clients holiday plans so please call to discuss any potential concerns at the earliest possible opportunity so that RENTAMANOR can assist the client in resolving them satisfactorily.

The client’s booking confirmation or making of a payment of a deposit constitutes confirmation of the clients and each of the client’s party's understanding and acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

A deposit of at least 10% of the property rental by bank transfer, draft or cheque (or HomeAway's elected payment method for bookings through HomeAway) in British pounds sterling is to be paid at the time of booking. Should the client later cancel the clients booking, cancellation charges will become payable in accordance with paragraph 3. RENTAMANOR reserves the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason.

Balance of the rental tariff, together with damage deposit to be paid by bank transfer, draft or cheque (or HomeAway's elected payment method for bookings through HomeAway) in British pounds sterling at least six weeks before arrival. If the balance is not received by us by the due date RENTAMANOR reserve the right to cancel the booking and cancellation charges will apply. For bookings made within six weeks (or 60 days for bookings made through HomeAway) of arrival date, the full tariff is payable at the time of booking.

Bookings made directly with RENTAMANOR: If the client (or any member of the client’s party) wishes to cancel all or any part of the clients booking, RENTAMANOR must be notified of the decision IN WRITING. The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received. The following charges are payable depending on when the notification of the cancellation is received: 24 weeks or more before arrival – 10% of accommodation cost; Between 24 and 6 weeks before arrival – 25% of accommodation cost; Within 6 weeks of arrival date - 100% of accommodation cost. The above cancellation charges also apply if the booking is cancelled by us due to non-payment of the balance by six weeks before arrival date.

Bookings made through VRBO/EXPEDIA GROUP: Travellers who book with VRBO/EXPEDIA GROUP are subject to VRBO/EXPEDIA GROUP's cancellation terms and conditions. 


If the client changes the dates of the clients booking this is treated as a cancellation of the original booking and cancellation charges apply as at 3 above.

Access to and use of the property, including all grounds and facilities both inside and out is strictly restricted to the number of named persons agreed at the time of booking. This may be less than the number of people or sleeping places indicated in the brochure. Should the owner or the local representative (housekeeper/keyholder) find people (adult or child) not named on the booking form are or have been using the premises or the number of guests (adult or child) on the premises is or has exceeded that agreed at the time of booking, an additional charge of £75 per additional person (adult or child) per incident/night whichever is the shortest period, for the full number of nights/duration of the booked stay will become payable by the person(s) in whose name(s) the booking was made. Such charges will become deductible from the security deposit together with enduring liability by the person in whose name the booking was made for any balance of such charges together with any additional costs in relation to damage or misuse of the property or its contents. Additionally, by permitting additional guests not named on the booking form the client agrees to forfeit the rest of the stay and all monies paid. The owner or the local representative (housekeeper/keyholder) may at his/her absolute discretion ask additional guests, client or the client’s party to vacate the property forthwith.

No camping is permitted in the property grounds.

6. NO SMOKING is permitted in the house.

7. NO PETS /animals are permitted in the house or grounds.

Please discuss prior to booking if the specified arrival and departure times are likely to be problematic for the clients party. RENTAMANOR will do our best to accommodate the client's needs and advise if additional costs will be incurred. Arrival and departure outside those agreed will result in additional charges being made, for example through the passing on to the client of additional housekeeping costs, delay or cancellation of incoming guests, loss of potential revenue through the property not being available as scheduled, etc.

The client must ensure that the property is securely locked (all doors and windows closed and secured) when not occupied during the holiday let. The client must not disclose the secure key code to anyone other than members of the booked party. The client must replace any breakages, damage or losses, or reimburse RENTAMANOR for such breakages, damage or losses as stipulated by RENTAMANOR or keyholder. The property and contents will be assessed by the Housekeeper during the course of cleaning following the clients departure. It is expected that the client will already have replaced any breakages, addressed or reported any damage prior to departure and agreed contribution towards cost of replacement or repair. Should any further issues be raised by the Housekeeper the client will be notified together with estimated costs involved so that agreement may be made on any retention prior to issue of damage deposit balance. Security deposit charges or balance refund cheques will normally be issued within 7 working days of the client’s departure. All guests, both jointly and severally, will be liable for the full costs of any and all damage to the property, contents and grounds incurred during the booked period and beyond should damage result from action or neglect by them, together with any consequential loss of income to RENTAMANOR and any and all costs incurred by RENTAMANOR in pursuing recovery of costs in relation to damage/loss of earnings/defence/counterclaim to claims by the client against RENTAMANOR, etc.

It is strongly advised that the client arrange comprehensive travel insurance for the clients holiday at the time of booking in order that the client is fully covered should the client need for example to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Please note RENTAMANOR cannot arrange insurance.

Just as in the client’s own home, although rare thankfully, facilities and appliances can malfunction, break down, and services be interrupted etc. Although RENTAMANOR will use best endeavours to arrange for any such problems to be addressed as quickly as possible, RENTAMANOR accepts no responsibility for the breakdown of the supply of water, electricity, heating, facilities or appliances, etc. In the unlikely event of any dissatisfaction with the accommodation please bring the matter to the attention of housekeeping (for any housekeeping issues; contact details for housekeeping located in the information sent out prior to stay as well as the information manual at the property) or maintenance (for any maintenance issues; contact details for maintenance located in the information sent out prior to stay as well as in the information manual at the property) or RENTAMANOR for issues not related to housekeeping or maintenance immediately so housekeeping, maintenance or RENTAMANOR can act to resolve any problem immediately. In the unlikely event that the client feels concerns have not been addressed reasonably, this must be noted to the relevant services immediately and if not resolved, put in writing to RENTAMANOR by the end of the clients stay. Complaints cannot be dealt with after the client has left the accommodation and housekeeping, maintenance or RENTAMANOR would wish to resolve any concerns at the earliest opportunity so that the client can enjoy the stay to the full. If the property is vacated before the end of the rental period for any reason whatsoever without the agreement or authorisation of RENTAMANOR all rights to any possible future investigation of or compensation in relation to complaints will be forfeited. In the most unlikely event of the property being uninhabitable at any time, this will be verified by and put in writing to the client AT THAT TIME by RENTAMANOR. Our liability to the client will be limited to one of the following 2 options, the decision as to which is made available being entirely at RENTAMANOR’s discretion: i) RENTAMANOR may endeavour to find, recommend or offer alternative accommodation at a similar standard and tariff either for the balance of the duration of the client’s stay or until the booked property becomes habitable again ii) RENTAMANOR may refund a portion of the full tariff paid, pro-rata, on the basis of the number of full 24 hour periods left of the clients stay when the property is uninhabitable. Should the client decide to make alternative arrangements for any reason whatsoever without agreement of RENTAMANOR in writing, all rights to any future investigation or compensation will be forfeited. RENTAMANOR’s liability to the client will at all times be limited to pro-rata refund against the full tariff paid on any outstanding full 24 hour periods during which the property is agreed in writing by RENTAMANOR to be uninhabitable, with such liability limited to a maximum of the full tariff paid for the stay. There will at no time be any further liability to the client by RENTAMANOR for any cause or reason whatsoever.

The client will arrive to a freshly cleaned and prepared property. It is expected that the property, its contents, neighbours etc., will be treated with care and consideration throughout the client’s stay and that the client will leave it in similar good condition to that on arrival.

The client is responsible for the correct and decent behaviour of his/her party. Should the client or any member of the client’s party not behave in such a manner, the keyholder, property owner, RENTAMANOR or agent of these may at his/her absolute discretion either cancel the booking in which case all monies paid will be forfeited as if cancelled by the client or ask the client and the client’s party to vacate the property. In the most unlikely event of this occurring, the client will forfeit all and any rights of access to or use of the property by the client or the client’s party. These will terminate immediately with no right to recompense of any kind or liability on the property owner or RENTAMANOR for any costs incurred by the client, including but not exclusive to alternative accommodation, travel or legal costs of any kind. In addition the client will be liable for all and any legal costs incurred by the owners in relation to any such action. Guests are expected to abide by/conform with all government laws throughout their stay, including for example laws relating to COVID-19 in force during their stay.

Linen is included.

Photographs taken at RENTAMANOR property cannot be used or sold for profit without authorisation.

Any valuables or belongings of any nature brought to, within or left at the property are entirely at the client’s own risk. Neither the property owner, RENTAMANOR, nor keyholder, their servants or agents can be held responsible for any damage to or loss of personal property while on RENTAMANOR property howsoever caused.

On arrival the client together with other responsible adults, particularly those with responsibility for children and/or vulnerable adults, should carry out an inspection of the property and draw up a list of any potential health and safety risks/issues for members of their party, together with how they plan to minimise those risks identified for the duration of their stay. Please note any risks deemed outside the reasonable scope of the client group should be notified to RENTAMANOR immediately who will work with the client in addressing any potential risk. Such risk assessment and planning should be undertaken in, for example but not limited to, the following areas: FIRE: e.g. location of bedrooms and sleeping arrangements in relation to exit points in a fire situation; knowing where everyone is sleeping – who will check on/help whom and how?; location of fire extinguishers/equipment and knowledge of use; meeting place at safe distance from property following fire situation and responsibility for accounting for everyone’s presence, who will be responsible for checking everything is switched off/unplugged each night? etc... SWIMMING POOLS & HOT TUBS: e.g. adults to whom responsibility for access and security is allocated; vulnerable adults/children/potentially vulnerable situations in which pool access should be prevented/ closely supervised, etc. Please take extra care on holiday where the environment is unfamiliar, plan for a safe and happy stay from the outset and ensure the client and each member of the clients party is covered by travel/holiday insurance for any and all mishap, injuries, emergencies, disruption to plans etc that RENTAMANOR sincerely hope will not occur and for which RENTAMANOR accepts no responsibility or liability.

Each RENTAMANOR property has an Information book in which additional information, advice, warnings etc., are contained which constitute part of these terms and conditions. On arrival at the property the Information book should be read carefully by the client and the instructions imparted to all members of the group and followed. These include for example the following:

Additional Terms and Conditions for Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Use and Swimming Pool Area Access deemed to be agreed to by and on behalf of all guests through the making of a booking or payment for these properties: All users understand and accept at the time of booking and at all times thereafter that swimming pools and hot tubs and the surrounding areas are unsupervised and unattended by RENTAMANOR, property owners or staff at all times and that access and use of all kinds is entirely at the user’s own risk (or those in a position of responsibility for them within the party). This understanding and acceptance is made for and on behalf of children/vulnerable adults by their responsible parents/carers within the party at the time of booking through the action of making a booking. The following terms and conditions apply to all clients at all times throughout their full stay and must be understood and adhered to closely, together with any additional conditions/guidance displayed at the individual properties: The swimming pool/hot tub and surrounding gated areas should not be accessed by any person(s) unless accompanied by a responsible adult capable of swimming and supporting such person(s) in the event of any difficulties they may encounter at any time.

No person should access or use the area alone. On entering the pool/tub area the responsible adult(s) must verify the number and identity of those being accompanied and ensure that those same people, in number and identity, are verified as having left the area before the responsible adult(s) leave and secure the pool area. Solar covers over the pool/hot tub should be removed by a minimum of 2 responsible adults in order for the pool/tub to be used, and replaced by a minimum of 2 responsible adults after use in order for heat to be retained, but only after close examination and ascertaining with great certainty that no person remains in the pool – particular care being taken when/if the pool/hot tub atmosphere is foggy with condensation or it is dark etc. Again, great care must be taken that no person remains in or around the pool/tub area by the responsible adult(s) before leaving and securing the area.

No running due to possible risk of injury through slipping/tripping on wet or uneven surfaces.

No diving/jumping into the pool/tub due to high risk of injury due not exclusively to but including shallowness of water depth (no part of the pool is suitable or safe for such activities at any time by any persons) and wetness/hardness of surfaces.

All means of access to the pool/hot tub area to be kept securely fastened at all times and checked regularly by responsible members of the party to ensure it cannot be accessed by unsupervised children/vulnerable persons at any time.

The area is not to be accessed by anyone who could at any time have reduced awareness/responsibility for their own or others’ safety for example following the intake of alcohol, medication or through illness etc.

No glass, breakable or sharp objects permitted in or around the pool/hot tub or pool/hot tub area at any time due to possible risk of injury to self or others.

No electrical equipment of any kind to be taken into or exposed to the area, for example stereos, electrical cooking equipment.

All users of swimming pools or hot tubs to test an area of skin and allow time for any possible allergic reaction to pool chemicals etc., before using the pool/hot tub. The use of water excluding ear plugs and goggles are advised when using swimming pool or hot tub. Please ensure no allergies to swimming pool/hot tub water or chemicals before use. Showering in clean water both before and after use of swimming pool/hot tub is advisable.

No use at night after 11pm.

Skin reactions, ear/eye/throat infections can result from swimming pool/hot tub use – through the action of using the swimming pool and/or hot tub the client indemnifies RENTAMANOR, its property owners, their servants and agents from any and all liability in relation to any such reactions or accidents of any kind howsoever caused either during or following use of pool/tub. Swimming pools/hot tubs should be used for short periods only, avoiding intake of water by swallowing, or immersion of eyes/ears. Use should be discontinued immediately should any discomfort or reaction be experienced. Children should be supervised closely when using the pools (hot tubs are for adult use only), time limited by responsible adults in party. Swimming pools/hot tubs must NOT be used by anyone who has consumed alcohol or drugs. No foreign matter to be introduced into swimming pool or hot tub water such as bodily fluids (please ensure children use the toilet before pool use and know to get out and use it again whenever necessary), drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, cigarette ash, food or food wrappers etc., to avoid reactions with chemicals which may lead to allergic reactions, water fouling, discolouration etc.

The property owner, keyholder or their servants will not be liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of RENTAMANOR, the property owner, keyholder or their servants or any other person. Neither will they be liable for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to person or property which the client or any other person may suffer or incur while on the property or in relation to the property or stay. This includes both internal and external areas of the property, including swimming pools and swimming pool areas, hot tubs and hot tub areas, tennis courts, barbecues, pavilions, gardens and grounds, use of which are entirely at user’s own risk and subject to the additional terms and conditions listed above in addition to directions and instructions at the property which are deemed to have been understood, agreed to and accepted by each and every member of a party and by parents/carers on behalf of children/vulnerable adults through the action of making the booking.

These conditions and any contract to which they apply are governed in all respects by English law and the English courts only shall have jurisdiction in relation to any claim or dispute arising out of, or connected with them. The client agrees to indemnify RENTAMANOR, its property owners, their servants and agents in regard to any and all costs arising from defending actions brought against them by the client or any other person in relation to the RENTAMANOR booking, stay or property.